Who We Are?


Established in 2016. Afro Turco Turkey was created with a business perspective geared towards increasing relationship and ties between Africa and Turkey

In the early days, the focus of the Company was based on the distribution of its own brand lubricant products in Africa. Nevertheless with the right organizational steps, the Company adopted a much more comprehensive focus and structure over time

Currently with its two distribution centers in Senegal and Tanzania as separate Trading and Distribution Companies, Afro Turco Turkey truly works as a multinational company not only focusing on the sales of its own products, but also acting as a full service distributor of FMCG and other industry products from Turkey.

Apart from distribution, thanks to its vast expertise and more then 10 years of experience in Africa, the Company also provides consultancy and operational services through its affiliates to all partners and clients in Turkey and Africa.

Looking ahead, Afro Turco embodies a philosophy of ever extending its business in Africa by increasing its direct links and touch points that cherishes the value and importance of local talents, resources and cooperation.